Joplin Youth Cheerleading Association 

Rules and Regulations - 2018



MISSION: The mission of Joplin Youth Cheerleading Association is to promote school spirit, develop teamwork and sportsmanship, and provide a safe and respectful environment of which children can learn, grown, and have fun. It is the intention of this organization to allow any child who wants to cheer, the opportunity to participate.


As with other sports, cheering requires both TIME and COMMITMENT. Other than school and religious obligations, cheerleading must be a priority. JYCA practices are usually twice a week so please make it a priority to be at least one or both practices. JYCA cheers for the Joplin Youth Football Association youth games. There are no buses to the away games, parents are responsible for transportation to and from all games and practices. The football season begins in August and goes to the end of October. CHEERLEADING SEASON:

The cheering season begins with in late July and early August. Date to be determined by the JYCA Board. Regular practices begin in August. Practice days will be set by the JYCA Executive Board along with the JYCA Coaches and will coincide with JYFA practices. Practices will be held in the evenings and are to last no more than 2 hours each. Practices are held at the same location that JYFA teams practice – South Middle School. Cheerleaders must attend the Thursday practice in order to cheer at the game on Saturday.

We will not know until sometime in mid-August who is on squads, practice times and game schedules.


There will be camp dates for cheerleaders to attend, camp is generally in late July / early August. Exact dates and times to be determined by the JYCA Board. All cheerleaders are encouraged to attend as many of the camp dates as possible to learn the JYCA halftime dance at this camp. There is no additional cost for camp it is included in your registration fee.


Fundraising for JYCA uniforms and listed items (excluding shoes) is an option to paying for your uniform out of pocket. If you choose to participate in the fundraisers and do not raise enough money to cover the items you ordered you will be responsible for the remaining balance. Fundraising will be the responsibility primarily of those directly benefitting. All funds raised must go through JYCA account and will then disbursed back to each participant accordingly.

JYCA asks that there be one check per cheerleader for all fundraisers when they are turned in. If a check bounces there is a $30 fee plus the amount of the check to be paid in a money order or cash within 30 days and before any fundraising merchandise distributed.

At the time of fundraiser turn in, the money earned toward the uniform will be tallied by a JYCA board member. The total amount of money earned, will be put toward the uniform. Should the cheerleader have earned money beyond the cost of the uniform, the family may use that towards reimbursement of registration fees.


Uniform fitting is held in June and uniform distribution day will vary from year to year. ALL CHEERLEADERS MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE FITTING. If you are not present, you will run the risk of not having a properly fitted uniform. Having uniform fitting this early in the season is necessary, due to vendor turn-around time and in the event that we have complications. Returning cheerleaders must come to fitting in uniform to have it inspected by a board member to determine if they need to order a new uniform or uniform pieces. Cheerleaders getting fitted for uniforms need to arrive wearing a swimsuit to make it easy for fitting.

Returning cheerleaders can resell their old uniform. Each piece they wish to sell needs to be clean in individual Ziploc bags with the cheerleader’s name, contact information and size of piece on a card in each bag. It is at the discretion of the Executive Board to reject pieces for resale due stains, tears, or wears.

PICTURE DAY: There will be a date set for individual and team pictures. All girls are encouraged to be there for team pictures and purchasing is optional. This date is usually in August. The cheerleaders will be notified ahead of time and given a picture form to be completed and returned with payment on the day of picture

CHRISTMAS PARADE: All cheerleaders are asked to march in the Joplin Christmas Parade in December. One of the purposes of JYCA is to promote town spirit. We feel that participating in this event will show this spirit. We cannot make this mandatory but we strongly encourage participation by all cheerleaders. All participants will be required to comply will all regulations set by the Executive Board.

HYDRATION: All cheerleaders are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them to all practices and games. The summer practices get very hot as well as some of the games. Fluids are very important in the heat. Only water or clear Gatorade in the water bottles are allowed on Junge Stadium track or turf.


Absolutely no siblings, friends, or companions are allowed to practice with cheerleaders.

No backyard stunting is allowed. The term "backyard stunting" includes but is not limited to your backyard, Skate Park, school recess, etc. All stunts must be done with JYCA coach supervision.

During games, cheers may be called by a designated cheerleader or coach. If someone doesn't like the cheer called, you are to perform the cheers anyway.

Cheerleaders, Coaches, and Board Members, when you're in a JYCA uniform, your behavior should be exemplary: this means no hanging around boys, etc. This reflects on this program, silly as this may seem, you represent JYCA and we are proud of this organization and you should be also. You should behave well even when you are at school, out in public, wherever, you still represent the world of cheerleading and you should be proud of that. Not following the JYCA rules, then the cheerleader, coach, or Board Member will be requested to change clothing or disciplinary action will be taken.

School work comes first so make sure your grades are kept up. We have no problem dropping a cheerleader if a parent should come to a coach and tell them that their cheerleader is not keeping up with their schoolwork.

We will back parents 200%.

Absolutely NO GUM CHEWING at practice or games.

Always throwaway trash after practice end games.


Profanity. Obscene gestures, smoking, drinking or drugs will NOT be tolerated at any time or any place. First Violation: A verbal Warning. Second Violation: One game suspension. Cheerleader must come to the game dressed in their uniform and sit on the sidelines. No fooling around or hanging with friends, etc. will be permitted. Third Violation: Removed from program.

Any cheerleader using such a language toward any member of JYCA will be disciplined in accordance with the following schedule. First Violation: 2 Game suspension. Cheerleader must come to the game dressed in their uniform and sit on the Sidelines. No fooling around or hanging with friends, etc. will be permitted. Second Violation: Removed from the program.


Your uniform consists of a skirt, shell, bloomers, socks, hair bow, white tennis shoes and head warmer (as needed for weather reasons). Anything else, including nylons unless specified by your coach is not allowed. No costume accessories are allowed for half time performances unless pre-approved by the JYCA Executive Board. Uniforms are to be kept in nice looking condition. Please follow care instructions on uniform tags for washing.


No make-up or jewelry is permitted during games. Hair must be pulled back and off your face and JYCA hair bows only for games.


Proper cheering footwear MUST BE WORN TO ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper supportive footwear. Cheerleaders will not be allowed to participate in any cheerleading function or activity without proper footwear. Most sneakers offer the proper support needed for stunting, etc. White cheerleading sneakers must be kept in good clean condition for all games.


All adult coaches are subject to a background check. Student coaches (7th grade and up) are allowed to help coach but must submit two letters of recommendation from a coach, teacher, or school official. If we have both letters and they are dressed appropriately they will be allowed on the track to coach. The Board has the final word on coaches per Bylaws.

Children of coaches who are 6th grade and younger are not allowed on the track during football games.



If you have a problem regarding anything on your cheerleader's squad, please approach their adult coach. If the coach is not aware of a problem, then the coach cannot help to solve the problem. We are all more than willing to listen and workout any problem you may have. We only ask that you are do not disrupt a practice to talk to a coach. Coaches cannot watch out for the safety of the cheerleaders and talk with parents at the same time. Please approach the coaches either before or after any practice or game. All coaches are required to communicate all problems to the Executive Board. Parents are to respect the board members’ decision regarding any disciplinary action of their cheerleader. A special meeting with parent regarding disciplinary action of their cheerleader is encouraged should the parent or parents disagree with said disciplinary action. This can be arranged outside of the field and/or practice with the coach and board members.


Parent participation is greatly needed throughout the cheerleading season. There are many committees that need your help. We will need help with fundraising, our End of Year party, awards ceremony, uniform distribution and fittings, Christmas parade, fundraiser delivery, as well as working the "Spirit Table" and selling the 50/50 raffle tickets at the home games. The more volunteers we have, the easier the workload is for everyone. Remember that all we do is for the benefit and safety of the cheerleaders, and your involvement is important and greatly needed. It also makes the cheerleaders feel good knowing you’re involved in their activities.


In order that all participants gain the maximum benefit from their involvement in Joplin Youth Cheerleading, it is essential that a disciplined climate be maintained. The following is a list of activities that CAN result in suspension or dismissal of a cheerleader for the balance of the season:

General Misconduct.

Being Disruptive.

Inciting and/or engaging in un-sportsman-like conduct.

Use of abusive or profane language, directed toward peers, coaches, officials or anyone else.

Belittling or fighting with other cheerleaders.

Any other activity deemed by their coaches or members of the JYCA Executive Board to be detrimental to themselves or others.


This is the most important rule in cheerleading! You are a cheerleader. You are all cheerleaders! It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this organization. It is very important that you all get along with each other. NO ONE CHEERLEADER IS ANY BETTER THAN THE OTHER. You are a TEAM. Remember you are all on the same team representing the same organization! You must work as one squad. If a cheerleader is struggling, please do not ridicule, but help them. It makes you a better person and makes your squad stronger. Feelings are important. Treat someone as you want to be treated. Be proud and stand by each other!


JYCA By-laws are available for viewing at our Facebook page, or upon request from any board member


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